some it gave the impression that the colored will rise up and fight. To most that the use of the colored race is dangerous. It obvious that all thought his intent was good, his usual habit of gross exaggeration, dependency upon spectacular events to come, conflicting thoughts. (I do not believe he has yet definitely taken a stand pro or con in his own mind) gave the wrong outlook to many. Upon leaving the area I could hear grumbling southerners "The nigger'll never be able to take over, we keep 'em in their place. It's in the north where you have all the race riots" or cracks like "I wish they'd ship 'em all outta the country." Most of course "saw the light." Then ensued a quarrel between me and Lt. Foster (he's from Texas). As usual I dew the usual sobriquet "nigger lover". I don't understand some people, maybe I'm wrong, I don't think so. It went something like this: Foster: How about if your sister married one of them. Me: That's her business. Educate your women to what they want and don't want but don't blame the negro.