Please 'Stelle, let's just have each other and forget about the rest of this mess that is the world. I have my failings, too many I'm certain but sometimes I get so dam angry with people. The sun is slowly settling. It is almost night. The area reverberates with the clang of shoe against ring from the horseshoe pitching field. The peck, peck, peck, peck of a ping pong game in the mess hall. A bugle blowing "Guard Mount", a radio drones out "Idaho." Laughs are heard. A truck growls and grunts as it picks up speed for the gear shift. Then the characteristics gnashing, grating sound of grinding gears common to novices not well acquainted with the double clutch method of going from high to low. All this panorama of noises against a background of hush which is more oppressive than the darkness of night. This is memory moments, time for thoughts of you. 'Stelle darling I feel very much in love with you tonight. My arms yearn to enfold you, my lips hunger for yours. My eye seeks the brown of yours. The soul is famished for want of yours. The body