Sept 7, 1944


           Today, at last -- my last lecture on the 4.2 --

over, complete, done, finished -- no I can devote some time to my platoon. I have -- a few men in my platoon who served with me in Edgewood during my basic training. My platoon sergeant is amongst those of my own basic training company. We did K.P. together -- figuratively speaking. -- Such are the coincidences of stuff.

        We've been getting shots or injections -- Sometimes

I think I'd rather risk the disease than undergo the "pig-sticking" routine. This morning's was the zenith in "efficiency", "pain" and a downright dull needle -- Usually as you walk through the gauntlet they stick one in one arm and then one in the other. Today the fiends got on both sides and jabbed together !!!

          And my talent comes natural. Never took

a lesson in my life! -- obviously ! --