Sept 6, 1944 Darling— Dear dear ubiquitous, adorable you—I'm deeply grieved at your unhappy experiences at 102 [& Esione]—Don't be lonely darling—don't—And there is nothing which gripes me more than knowing you're troubled and realizing that there's not a darn thing I can do about it.— What we need is a night together on my [chair]. Particularly during a black out. There we were as we should be—locked together close—with no means of drawing away—We belong to each other—fused—melted together— To kiss your soft lips—cheeks—your hair—it really didn't smell of anything except you—[struck: I just was] It was just that faint something which no perfume could match—somehow it aroused me—Every sense was conscious of you—seeing, hearing, touching, smelling——tasting (when I eat you up alive as promised)—As they are now——Sometimes some man would use a particular [struck: ly] after shave powder which would bring to mind your powder—and memories of you——always—we were close—I see you after—sometimes something I read reminds me of you, a motion picture