or just dreaming. Sometimes I hear you talking—Thats when I go out and start working like a horse or I'd go bats!———Often I pass your ring across my lips—because it is a part of you—It once touched your—It just impossible to stop thinking of you—And [strikeout] nights—!!!— I don't know where to begin.—Speaking about voices etc—How about swiping one of your records made of your voice and sending it to me??—I don't care what you say—just to hear your voice.—I'd like—[strikeout] it better if you just spieled one off—to me—[struck: not] Remember—somebody else might play the thing— Lets get back to your problems which are always of paramount importance in this twosome thats a onesome. Please, never feel [strikeout] as if you're doing wrong in "blowing off" to me—By this time you are probably laughing at your "miserable" surroundings at 1022 but I see what you mean. Stelle—would to [bearer] I could help your uncertainty:—'Stelle—as for your mother—You know what you want—go after it—The confusion is undoubtedly