a thing of the moment—[strikeout] things apparently don't fit—They are not working smoothly—Two doesn't seem to follow one—It is indeed a dilemma—Just take care of you—and work hard at being happy—By the way—you are not a "witless woman"—Shush!—your big trouble is you make too much noise—always worrying—[struck: After] When I return, after the long silent walks, the week of just making love to you—I'm going to lay you across my knees and spank you—yes—right where it'll do the most good—and spank and spank until you say "I'm happy" twenty times—then I'm going to kiss you then you're going to stay happy if I have to spank everytime I see you looking for a way to be miserable—Be Happy—Quiet!! When I talk I want to be listened to—Stop making faces!!—Your face should [fuge] that way—then you'll have real cause for discomfort—And don't tickle me—I said I'm going to spank and I am—And don't try to placate me by making like a trumpet player—Keep your distance lady—This is one time you