got the hair brush—go way—not so close—Go ahead Cleopatra!!—[Torup] me—make me weak in the knees—make me so I can't do anything but mumble—mmm—mm—mm——I'll catch you some other time—right now lets just———mmm—mm—mm————Let me catch my breath—You'll get a Spa——mm—mm—Did anyone ever tell you you were fascinating—Maybe they did—but they were using rhetoric you captivate me—charm me—overpower me—Beautiful—darling. This is funny—But I will write to your home—in New York—until further notice—That'll be your rear echelon—Headquarters—I could get to you through there—I hope. There once was a beaut named Stelle Who wandered all over hell She'd pack up and move To get out of that groove And [inserted: run] every place pell mell!— I also—love her!—[struck: yes!]— Stand by for a shock—I mean a real one—At least it was to me.