Bernard H. Heineman bas married!!!—some babe named Beulah Rosalind Gluckman—Thank God you have no middle name—Maybe thats why he couldn't get those pictures done—Women—particularly when you love 'em do require, (and demand!)—[strikeout] all of a poor [struck: spouse] husband's time, thoughts—[strikeout] Something like me and you only I've got it worse—and you don't have to "require"—I just do—Received a letter from [Nio...] Cohen—Nice guy but he gets in my hair—Just like Len K. Soft jot—maybe never go over—and complain I suppose I shouldn't be too severe—Its like I've said a thousand times if I paid it once you don't know what its like 'till you experience it—its hell! Never received that [struck: lett] newspaper from the C.I.O.—It'll come sometime I guess— Before you think I know the girl in the picture I better explain—I send it to you to file—She'd (dear Elsie) would be letters off it she was one of the 300,000 illiterates—At least I know I would—my bad—