a guy really has to think twice about going home with things like that roaming around— Scene—Sheet (not by Sinclair Lewis but S.D.) He: Hi Elsie: New [foisey]? He: ya (he blows a bubble with the [strikeout] dubble bubble gum he's been chewing Elsie: Nothin surprises me! He: Huh? Elsie: Not even big had hungry [mosquito]. He: Yea?? Elsie: And Lyons said—he's from the Bronx—Bronx dames 'er do kert. He: Ya don't say? Elsie: [strikeout] Can you read 'n write He: Nah! She: Dope!!! Beautiful but— This is enough for you tonight—don't sleep well tonight—think of me!— Your Sid