Sept 3, 1944 darling — I'm going to cry on your shoulder again so get out the rubber sheet. We'll begin at the beginning which is always a good place to start. You recall I said that as a result of the reorganization in the battalion I might lose my ____ Well Sam — Sam Hend_on — former ___ even transfered [struck: to] back from Hys. [Illegible] where he'd been. Ammunition and motor [Illegible]. So that put me back as platoon leader of the third Platoon — This is the way my Company (?) Commander broke the memo — "I'd probably like to ___ you as ___ — ________ you doesn't mean anything. only I want my strongest [inserted: line] officers leading the platoons —" So — big strong officer that I am I take are this platoon. Things weren't so bad — I knew the men, they knew me. We'd been together [strikeout] almost two years and we'd gotten to know each other good and bad ___. Been through ___ action together and all that ___ of thing.

Well — yesterday — Sept 2, 1944

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