Aug 29, 1944

Darling-------my little "Femme Fatale"--------This is the second letter today-----You keep still----If I want to talk I will! I want to talk because well I received your letter in which that "Stan" case was settle. "Stelle I don't now if you're laughing as much I ambit you should. This is one time I'll let you laugh with me at me. Whatta dope! Chalk one for Stelle! While in the horrible "throes" of loves labor lost, I did think aboutStan of A.P.O but I still don't recall the incident you bring to mind. Please enlighten me further. I'll probably laugh all the harder. I was about to shoot poor innocent "Stan", see all the bloodshed you would have caused! Jezebel!! The little affair had certain good results, at last we find out