exactly how I would really react. I always thought I'd just "withdraw" unobtrusively if you sought another but now I know. I want you very badly, need you even more than that. You crumb, you made me get out of my shell and rave and rant opening closets to find skeletons, poking tridents under beds, okay okay, laugh, go ahead go ahead very funny. Did you ever come to think of how poor Stan's mother would feel when she found his body bathed in blood and the papers would read "He didn't have an enemy in the world!" After the massacre you would be spirited away to my castle [illegible] on the hill top. That's not a bad idea. Prepare to be spirited away to a very lovely dungeon "far from the maddening crowd" where you and I could kill each other with boredom. You'd probably go first because I bore harder than most people. I'm very happy. Thanks!