Now to my "Femme Fatale". I still prefer to call you "Devil." That Dick, Jan affair is amusing. I don't like to mix in gossip nor do I care to interfere with another man's life but brother is it corny!! The word for his approach is let's say sophomoric! Very very amateurish. I am not a "professional" in any way, or means but I can recognized bad acting on a stage when I see a play and then to call you in as an assistant!! Dick's probably a nice guy but obviously not as sharp as you would believe. The fellows striving for sophistication but he's just a little bit too young. Maybe the fellow's in love with you (as a man in love myself, he has my deepest sympathies, it's hell, but so nice!) Maybe she likes him ut God what an approach. According to Esquire there are about seven standard approaches. It is in Esquire's [illegible] or "Bedside Esquire." Something, an article written by an anonymous woman, heartily recommend it for Jan. If you