read it you'll undoubtedly recognize my "life" but well I never was conscious of it. As far as sex is concerned sorry, we were too busy having fun and enjoying each other. (I hope you enjoyed my stumbling presence half as much as I relished the too Jew moments with you) to go into lengthy discussions. Oh my god every time I think of his "approach" I have to chuckle, excuse me, it's very funny. You would probably hand my head to me or yours to you for this. It's really none of my business. How old is Dick? What does he do? As far as that's concerned we started young and we just grew up together that's all. Heck I wouldn't see any point in discussing sex with my sister or cousin. Why should I have dealt otherwise with you who've been sister, cousin, mother, friend and sweetheart for so many years. It has been a long time and all of is pleasant. I think no I'm sure we both understand each other on these matters