and our relationship has been founded on mutual respect of each other. Nuts, let Jan worry about you. You take care of you and from all the trouble I have with you that's a major job in itself. You're wonderful and I'm not saying that to be nice. Wouldn't be nice to you, you "Salome" cut my head off and dance with it on a tray, fiend. Have secret affairs with people named Stan who have "doity piches" on the wall. With velvet no less! Okay Okay. I've got a clandestine babe too. I love you but I can't forget Gamahamalamasama, a most glorious creature, dark of hair, perky white teeth, floppy anterior, protruding posterior, dusky skin. Perhaps a drawing would describe my Aphrodite to you. [drawing of a lady]. OOOoh, when I think of it I could kick myself.