August 28, 1944 Darling,—sweet— Today's been another hot sultry day climaxed by rain. Oh well—lets not talk about the weather lets talk about—lets—say—us—We're okay now I hope I hope I hope!—I'm very much in need of you—Your letters mean very much to me—and I love you. This fine day was just one more of those things—Twice we started a game of badmington and were rained out. So—in desperation I read "The Mirror of The Sea" Joseph Conrad—Very disappointing in light of Lord Jim on Victory—It is not a very good book—full of those loyalty metaphors and comparisons of the sailing vessel with beautiful women etc.— 'Stelle, you've been very kind to me—More than you can realize—Not the material things like gifts and books—but well—you've kept a warmth and happiness glowing within me [strikeout] to which I shall be eternally grateful. In the drab and rotten existence of the tragics—the memory of you—fills the days and half the nights with pleasant thoughts—you—were, are, and