always will be—one swell guy!——You and your happiness mean so much to me.—For [struck: any] the recent altercation of which I'm entirely to blame—I ben you tell me how I can remedy the displeasure I've caused.—'Stelle I'll do anything, anything humanly possible only—forgive me for being such an inhuman monster—and a heel—[strikeout] all I can tell you or do as a matter of fact—is to express my wholehearted and sincere devotion—and—I love you! We've gotten awful "Sears"—must be the month of August—Hereafter, during all August's we will tread gently and be wary—Its our unlucky month— Outside of meeting you and falling in love with you August has nothing for us to consider—All our calendars will have August deleted—We will be "Roebuck"—Its almost September—Are you staying at Northwestern for the new term?—Whatcha studyin'? Anything ever come of that Heck deal—I hope that crumb (if he likes you he must be okay) realizes that he's dealing with the best