there is—'Stelle Spero— The War news over in the European theater sounds encouraging—Very encouraging—Maybe we can get this mess over with in another two years or so—less I hope—which recalls to mind Mrs. Roosevelt's classic crock that in the interest of public health men returning from the South Pacific should be kept in camps for six months for observation before being released—[struck: Bu] Sister—right there she became very unpopular—with me— I don't doubt but that I've got malaria dormant in [struck: my] me and that upon the stopping of Atabrine it'll break out but I'll be damned if I think there's any need for such nonsense as she proposes—Oh well—her noise has had no apparent affect so why should I worry— Do you—will you——Marry me?—I mean quick—before I get practical or you get fears—Our love probably was not forged in heaven but case in the fiery furnaces of hades but there's no way of breaking the tie—Just melded together