August 27, 1944 Darling, darling, darling— Forgive me?—what a foolish, idiotic dope I turned out to be.—I'm so very upset 'cause I made you upset—Didn't I tell you not to take me too seriously—that you were to kick me—hard whenever I acted stupidly!——I'm coming into the drawing room, humbly—and if you could ever see fit to stand [struck: the] my presence just for a moment——Let me kiss you!—'Stelle, [struck: I'm] don't you see! I'm your guy—all of me—every thought, action, hope, dream is yours.—Cut off my [struck: allowance] allowance—make me cook my own breakfast—make me wash the dishes And dry them—only don't go off to the drawing room—mad—or unhappy—Thats more punishment than dragging me over a cobblestoned road behind a team of horses——— Its all my fault, and I fully realize it