and if I were home I might make amends—somehow—but now all I have is the dubious power of the pen—Will you kiss me?—I promise to behave—some on—please?———turn around—look at me—forgive me?—please, please?—There—Thats better—everything's okay now—huh?—say yes?—Say yes and—well—I'll dust the furniture Sunday morning! I'll, I'll—I'll be polite to the guests tonight——We're okay——It is a Sid-Stelle "extravaganza" a great show—The best show on earth—It glitters with radiant flashes and sombre backgrounds—Its our production 'Stelle—a collosal affair of great magnitude and importance to both of us—The show is great because its got the best [struck: chast] cast—its players, You and I—are superb because the parts [struck: was] were made for us and we [strikeout] were