2. All the possible actions of the enemy 3. All avenues open to yourself as compared with the enemy's— 4. Decision For a while, due to my own momentary break down of morale, uncertainty,—and "lack of understanding" (mine)—the situation looked grave—a "withdrawal" seemed imminent—Then I again weighed the issues—no sir—I wasn't going to quit—[struck: I've got] There was too much at stake. I needed you too badly—I loved you, Without you—life—well—wouldn't be worth much so I pulled a Japanese trick of attacking with "great dash and boldness"—With [strikeout] fixed bayonet and a shout of "Banzai" I [struck: was] changed!— As yet I do not know how successful I've been in this "attack" but I know this much, whatever happens I'm digging in—[struck: I'm not letting you]