My first decision was not to send it home—It wouldn't be fair to so disillusion [strikeout] you.—All the while you'll be seeing that clean cut, clean-eyed, straight nosed, red lipped, bushy haired Ulysses struggling to get to his Penelope and in [struck: actuall] actuality "Penelope" will be greeted by a bleary-eyed, [strikeout] emaciated, debauched, pouchy, bald Caligula—Oh well—I'll send it—but my hearts not in it—Almost the "Face that launched a thousand ships" Only I look in the mirror and I know definitely its the "Face that could sink a thousand ships"—I am never given to false modesty—but apparently the artist didn't have the heart to paint me as I am so he opened a page of "Redbook" and copied a picture from there— I'm almost through "I Claudius" Robert Graves—Very good—Thanks—