Matson decided to finish the book—Norman Matson—decidedly spoiled the latter half of the book—Oh well—the first part was good. Last night I saw "Up in Mabel's Room" [strikeout] didn't laugh quite as much as the others—it was okay though— The night before last we went to a lecture on psychoneurotics—The kind we get here—Not the type you pal around with!——It was interesting—Stuff's restricted so I can't talk about it but, well it was instructive!— Sweetheart—look—I don't [strikeout] want you ever to feel that I doubt you—Heck—I trust you completely—[strikeout] because well—thats the way we are—With gentlemen—You more than me—I—well—that outburst was caused—well—perhaps a bit psycho—at the time—Brooding, nervous, uncertain,—These