attacks occur about once every four months or so—just realize—I've been away over a year and well—I get awful homesick for you sometimes—And when it gets too bad I [struck: let] take it out on you—because—well—I want to cry on somebody's shoulder and I want that shoulder to be yours and I get angry at myself for being such an idiot and—well take it out on you I guess— Now that we're in the drawing room and we've kissed (we have haven't we?) lets sit down—I feel so much I won't even put my feet on the couch—Stop pushing my eyelids down I want to look at you—stop!—Is my conversation so dull that you want me to go off to sleep! Ah-hah!—now we know!!— I love you—Everythings okay! "fingers." Your— Sid Ah—Spend less time dreaming of Harrie and more of me plz!!