26 August 1944 Darling, You're worse than a military secret—Everything goes along smoothly then suddenly—"address all letter home" or I won't be living here or there anymore. Okay, okay, I'll mail 'em to your home—ubiquitous 'Stelle— Any guy that spouts off that "foward observers was the most dangerous thing in this army" is a damned immature idiot relishing in the knowledge that he can talk and people out of uniform have to believe him because they have no other source of information—We have an expression for his kind—"blowhard"——first its not true—second—why should he talk to you about it?—third—He's got less sense than a calf—fourth—I love you fifth—I can't tolerate gross exaggeration—Oh well—You had a good time—thats enough— Your U.S.O. experience is fascinating—what a place!— There you go—being confusing again—"Mail letter home. No crime if you don't I can probably pick it up here!"—