Holy cat if I were to give a command so indecisive, [struck: and] and leaving [inserted: to much] room for difference of action I'd be called down on several carpets. Lady, you're leading me now—make orders clear, precise and unequivocal—It is with trepidation that I mail this letter to your home. I [struck: don't think it was] hope it'll be the right thing. At the present time I'm nursing a terrific sun burn. Its that way down here—You stay in the shadow of the jungle then you get out in the open for a day and wham! Just like a Sunday at the beach. The occasion was record carbine firing. I feel angry with me—missed "expert" by one point—so now I'm only a "sharpshooter"—For [inserted: your] information and so that you may not be confused and taken advantage of by strangers—Depending upon the type of weapon, the type of course fired the classification according to scores are as follows—1. Unqualified, 2. Marksman, 3. Sharpshooter, 4. Expert.—For each one of these, discounting the unqualified there is a piece of tin to wear on the breast—