August 25 1944 Dear George and Jeanette— "If Mohammed can't go to the mountain the mountain will come to Mohammed."—Likewise, if Sid can't get to Spero's parlor Spero's parlor comes to him—in the guise of gooey, succulent, walnut packed candies. You and I know that the real attraction of apartment 4K was that dish of caramelly sweets and cashews resting on that—revered and worshiped—coffee table. Thank you—very much. From the way I request packages one would get the impression that this equable lieutenant is a parasite living off others.—But this is false!—Utterly and completely false!—Have I not calloused the palms of my hands, caused my back to ache as I plowed and farmed my .0001 acres in the rear of my tent. The fruit of my labors (or should I say vegetables?) were eaten daily for one week. Delicious, tangy, burpy