radishes—Radishes that were the acme of all radishes—As the French say—Oo-la-la!!!—Today I have "harvested" the beans.—"And man shall live by the sweat of his brow."—Somebody said—He was no friend of mine! We've had a run of U.S.O. shows during the past month. Bob Hope, Jack Benny, a concert troupe—Not having seen a white woman in ten months I was not too attentive to the [strikeout] male entertainers. Carole Landis, Pattie Thomas, Francis Langford.——Peculiar, women are the same as we dream about 'em—two legs, arms, face, torso,——After awhile you begin to wonder.—The Soprano—Agnes Davis—was swell— What's your brother in—who knows—we might meet—Where, I don't know—Its peculiar—Two and a fraction years in the army and I've never met anyone from home—Take care of yourselves— Respectfully, Sid