22 Aug 1944 Dear Miss Taylor, Sorry, our romance is ended—you spoiled it—[strikeout] I never allow anyone but my worst enemies and 'Stelle to call me Sidney. There is nothing that can make me tremble more than 'Stelle's raise of the eyebrows and an indignant—"Sidney—Sidney Diamond!"—Thats when I wish the floor had holes [struck: in it] through which I could make a very humble exit.— Some pal you are—supposed to protect my interests—I trust you with my most valuable possession and you—you try to be [strikeout]—discrete!— One thing I am not and that is a connoisseur of [strikeout] typing. The words and periods and so on may be there but its the touch that counts—Finally I see no difference—"Woids is Woids—n I kin read readin' better 'n I doin read riten'!"— Sid

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