August 22nd 1944 Darling— Whats this about all your letters to the South Pacific being censored? If you've received any kind of official notification I wish you'd send it to me. I'm curious. Frankly I don't know why—Oh well—Any one [struck: could] can see you're definitely the dark haired, droopy spy gleaning items of military value from unsuspecting service men—Or is it that you do your own censoring Darling—thats twice—maybe I love you double today—I don't know why—I feel gooey—disgustingly in love—I also have a head ache—see—see what you do to me! I appreciate your friends appreciating the flowers. What a furor over a few weeds—Just goes to show you the nature of womankind. My gender has bloomed forth. The radishes are almost all eaten and then yellow beans are almost ripe. Would radishes receive