such an oration? If I sent two dozen golden succulent string beans would I get so much love and friendship??—Soon [struck: my] our lima beans will be ready for the pot. Would you adore each and every lima bean?—No, of course not—not an ounce of Sciapperelli utilitarianism in any of you. Oh no—good healthy radishes you disdain but odiferous useless flowers you worship—and I want my 50% cut on the proceeds of that 5¢ admission charge—We aught to go into the business— I tried to sell Jean but—well—[struck: after] most of 'em have their own—Pftliun—married, Catton, divorced—engaged, House—married, two kids, Bontempo—just [strikeout] doesn't care—Rubin—same way. I [strikeout] upped the question the afternoon at dinner—here are the typical replies—There is no offense meant or to be construed by Jean—we were just joking Lt. Rubin—Let her send a picture and a check for $2500—just to prove her