good intentions! Catton——If she's got a car and is very rich, maybe? Lt. House—I have none of the conceit and arrogance of youth (he's 28)—all I want is her birth certificate and that she be a woman—then we can start a "platonic" friendship. I'm afraid I'll have to write to her myself—and I'm not flirting!—She made eyes at me first!!—After all I fill the requirements—5 9 1/2 in stockinged feet—5-10 if I arch my archer; there's no particular color of hair—this latter item is not sufficiently abundant to warrant any undue quibbling—The eyes are just eyes—Are best suited for being closed and asleep.—The perfect match falters here—I despise gardenias on anyone else but you and refuse to compete with Bugs Bunny.—However if she'll send me copies of "L'il Abner" she might able to "buy me off."