Aug 21, 1944

Darling — Nothing new — this is going to be a short note — finished "Passionate Witch." I'd read Thorne Smith's "Bishop's Jaegers" previously. I don't know — the impossible situations cause chuckles, the clear insight and exposition of what really goes on in the every day person's mind at all cause more smirks. — Always towards the end of the books you get tired of people walking into other people's bed rooms naked — or strutting around in a women's turkish baths — or getting lost in a nudist colony as in "Bishop's Jaegers" — just too much of a good thing — if he'd end his books about half way through it you'd leave with a satisfied belly chuckle and call it a good book—only he drags it out too long. — Last night I saw a U. S. O. show — this time a group of concert entertainers. Baritone, violinist, pianist, ballet dancer — all supposedly great artists in their field —