The violinist played the customary Bumble Bee & Hungarian [Chadach] – both nice to listen to but damn it every body plays it all the them at the drop an applause. The pianist did "Fire Dance" — the ballet dancer did some movements which faintly resembled a doll in the fourth row of the chorus in the Irving Place Burlesque House — not very good —  With all respects for my affection for you I literally and completely fell in love with the soprana — She was excellent — I usually abhor singers and operas but still — she was just so warm and convincing in her singing and her stage personality was refreshing — The show had an unusual but exciting climax. Jack Benny had been sitting in the officers section with us — His troupe was on the island and he wanted to see this show — the audience clamored for him to play the violin — so he went on the stage — with his traditional play of gags and words at