trustworthy—the trouble I have to go through to make you happy—is worth it—but definitely— I'm very enthused about this Heck deal—Not that I think there's anything unusual in anybody knowing you're the best—[struck: what kept...] What astounds me is that it took him so long to realize it—I've got my fingers crossed—You're doing all right by us—You're tops—anytime, anyplace, anything— Its about time you cleaned the room anyway—I'll have to send flowers more often in the interest of your health and that of your roommates— That psycho was indeed a riot—Hell I'm not sore—Not at you anyway—Ye Gods—Come over here darling—Its safer!!!— Thats the first psychoneurotic—sexual I've come across—I've heard of 'em but never seen 'em. The only experience I've had is with fatigue and fear—The mental block is usually concentrated in the