nerves of the stomach—You'd go along, sweating, straining, almost exhausted and this soldier would double up with pain in the stomach, groan,—lose his eyesight temporarily and go into a coma—It was astonishing—Another boy has the same trouble—Stalney's his name—Every week, regularly we can expect to rush him screaming to the hospital with a pain in his [strikeout] stomach only to have him return after x-ray and check-up—fully recovered— The worst experience of that sort was back in January—We were pinned down behind a log by sniper + machine gun fire—There was an infantry officer with me who'd gone—well—that way—He was exhausted—he's face flushed—eyes shaking violently—We tried to get him back on a stretcher only he threatened the stretcher bearers with his carbine—said he wouldn't be carried back. [strikeout]—Then the machine guns