opened up——I spent my time trying to squeeze my [strikeout] entire body into my helmet—The bullets sipped, sipped through the leaves over head—cutting branches and occasionally ricochetting with the characteristic pi-i-ing—He started crying—held both hands over his ears and started to get up—I grabbed him—My god—I told you this before but it [struck: was] is so vivid—I held him like I'd hold you sometimes—bear hug and all—all I could say was "take it easy, take it easy, take it easy, take it easy, take it easy."— If that [struck: boy] [inserted: sailor] got a discharge it was medical—but definitely— Psychoneurotics are not necessarily nuts they get that way under strange confused conditions. Just a matter of adaptability—The majority of them just need a rest and a change— And you take care of yourself—Now I know what they mean by the "home front"—batta battles—