Company "D" - 82nd Cml. Bn. Mtz. A.P.O 453 17 August. 1944 Subject: Miss Estelle Spero To: The world

  1. On several occasions there has been questions posed as to rank and authority [struck: of] in the Diamond combat team. Also some people have asked about who is most beautiful.—The following paragraphs supercede any previous bulletins on these matters.
  2. Commander of the organization will be Miss Estelle, Who upon [struck: the assumption of] assuming command will be responsible for the maintenance of discipline amongst her subordinates in particular Lt. Diamond, [stuck: Sh] Miss Estelle will be charged with the [struck: daily of] morale and well-being of this officer. Lt. Diamond will assist in all possible ways and continue to show the same respect and affection to his superior.
  3. Careful studies of photograph II M1A1—GARFIELD [inserted: indicate] that the C.O. is