August 15, 1944 Darling—sweet— By the time this reaches you—the [strikeout] sixth anniversary of our meeting will have past—How long ago, yet so clear to the memory—Self conscious because I needed a shove I stammered through our first meeting—[strikeout] Funny [strikeout]—Then it was just two kids playing handbell—now its matured and blossomed into—a comradeship, devotion—the envy of all—Frankly—[strikeout] I've met a lot of people, talked for hours about love, marriage, etc—haven't yet encountered a relationship that could equal ours—I like it—I like you—everything about you—The stray hair over the forehead, the nose—the ears—the neck—the body—the knees well—take it back on the knees—they hurt when you kick—the feet—the blisters you get so I have to make heliair I'm helping you walk——I like your conversation—more for the times you don't make sense than when you do—I like the way you're—well—