cute—I like you when you're serious—Nothing about you displeases me—I like your firmness of opinion——Darn it all—You're a big business—but no liabilities——I love you— While all this excitement about negroes etc. is raging allow me to quote army policy—This is from the manual [struck: for] [inserted: of] instructions for orientation officers—of which—I (darn it)—am one— "To contribute by act or word toward the increase of misunderstanding and tension between peoples of different racial or national origin in this country or among are[sic] allies is to help the enemy"—————— Axis powers! trying to create disunity by lying propaganda that we are fighting a "white man's" war—Don't allow yourself to be drawn into an argument on this point for argument advertises the enemy propaganda line. No more is needed than a full and fair reporting of the support in factory, field, and battle given us by all races of the world————————— Whenever you refer to any [strikeout] social or nationality minority group, remember that