they like to be thought of as ordinary people fundamentally like anybody else. They do not like to be thought of as quaint, exotic, peculiar, or curious. Avoid popular stereotypes of minorities, no matter how kindly in intent such as—grinning, singing, dancing happy-go-lucky crap shooting negroes or silent, unemotional, devious and mysteriously shrewd Chinese so common in fiction. Such stereotype are never accurate and always cause resentment. Information about minorities should emphasize the kind of activities and accomplishments about which anyone could be unreservedly proud.————Encourage friendly personal relations between different races and nationalities—————Give minorities their reasonable shove of attention in informational and educational media————In such material there should be no semblance of lecturing, preaching, or of kindly patting on the head. Problems of race are proper concern of this army only as far as they affect the efficiency of the army, no more no less———————men of all races and national origins in the army must be encouraged and stimulated to do anything done by members of any after group in accordance with their individual abilities.