No statement beginning All Negros, All Italians, All Chinese, All Frenchmen etc is ever true!—— When considering the suitability of an item covering another race or friendly nationality group, ask yourself how you think you would like it if you were one of the people concerned———————Regard them and write about them simply as people The Yellow Soldier In view of the principles heretofore set out it becomes clear that the term "yellow men" should not be used as a variant for Japanese. So used, it carries a connotation of opprobrium and in fact, slurs all other men of that color. It is the man inside, not outside, that we must judge—" 'Stelle—I'm not saying that the army in any way is reformist—[strikeout] Pragmatically it is recognized as a problem and is dealt with as any other problem in the battle—As orientation officer for my company I usually give an hour lecture a week—Lt Brooks our Information + [strikeout] Education officer—gets another hour—During these talks we have to cover the war