situation on all fronts and usually get some educational stuff in—Thursday, for instance I'll talk about the Moscow Conference, its results as compared with the tripartite axis treaty—I'm also Voting officer for the company—With all the different regulations prescribed for registration by the individual states it was quite a task to get the ball rolling——Some states have poll tapes—others require special forms to be filled out—Louisiana, God bless her, requires that the voters appear in person to [struck: vote] register!!—All the states except South Carolina will accept the special form for application for state absentee ballot—Only twenty will accept the federal ballot—Arkansas allows twelve days from receipt of application until ballot must be returned—almost an impossibility— I ended up by interviewing each [struck: of] man in the company—going over the requirements in his state and finally can say that at least 75% if not more of the men have [strikeout] applied for a state absentee ballot—Again the army requires each voting officer certify