year or so away but—I never felt this way before——Somehow it never occurred to me—to be envious—I hate to act—[struck: well] like a pig-headed jackass—but—for once I want to own as well as be owned—I want to possess you completely—Its not [strikeout] a swell relationship—intellectual companionship, occasional moments of a kiss—Its a maddening affection—a wanting yearning——for you—Nothing else will satisfy—Perhaps I've "come of age"——You're a part of me———I belong with you——The realization of how utterly and completely [strikeout]—What's the use of being hypocritical—I just got to have you [struck: or]—[strikeout] When [struck: someone] something else threatens I feel like raving, roaring, biting, scratching like a mad lion protecting his lair——— I love you—fervently!—