The confession must be boring to my confessor—literally—[strikeout]— I have the letter you wrote the 3rd—'Stelle—do you have to live with Helen?—this is nonsense—I see no earthly reason why you should allow yourself to be so tortured——To stay away from your own room because of [inserted: an] undesirable roommate. Why don't you either up and move—or suggest that same to her—Living in a community requires a certain amount of going and taking—but I see no reason—none under the sun—why you should [struck: take] pent up with such an intolerable situation. Peculiar—we seldom have intense political discussions—Can't say we're all dullards or that we're spineless ninnies afraid to [struck: call] tell each other what we think—just all apparently understand what is right.——Our one southerner—Lt. Cotton—I have in Indiana—lived in Kentucky—has his own ideas—No objection to negros having