equal rights—Just doesn't care to associate with them socially—"Frankly"—to put it in his own words—"I don't give a damn what they do—I've got negro friends—and some I don't like—I reserve the right to chose[sic] my own company"——[strikeout] which for a boy from the [struck: deep] south is fairly good (and I've met some southerners that were beauts—ugh)——occasionally [cue squabble] his "damn yankee" by reminding him that he comes from Indiana—He's not at all intolerant as far as religion is concerned. Astoundingly enough—there's way littler of that stuff amongst the officers as the enlisted men— Lloyd C. Douglas belongs to the Buchman school—moral rearmament nonsense—I liked the beginning of his book—thats all— [struck: You're] Your "Studs Lonigan" incident is very funny—I read the book when at high school—Farrel's[sic] not a very good writer—but he astounds the [struck: ostrich] ostriches who hide from the blaring