radical school—I just blew my top—called them stupid, idiotic——(many army terms not too complementary)—I raised my voice—called them all kinds of Hearst underlings—Went on with a drool on propaganda——Once started [strikeout] I kept going until Lt. Pflum, the company commander very opportunely reminded me—"Lt. Diamond—you're raising your voice"—Never had any trouble since—Don't get the idea that they were serious—we usually kid each other about those things—Like calling Lt. Bontempo third assistant soda jerker—he's a pharmacist—etc.— Your troubles with the negro question caused me to [struck: find] [inserted: seek out] a book I'd completed—"Selected Writings of Abraham Lincoln"—This comes from a letter to Joshua F. Speed—It was a harangue about the Nebraska, Kansas—free on slave state question: I think, although written in 1855—it would be [struck: worthwhile] worthwhile considering now.