As far as the Russian-Polish question is concerned—I'd like to see anyone try and stop Russia from getting exactly what she wants—We're fully in accord [struck: with] on this—Countries look out for themselves only— I don't want to get into that scrape about definition—but I [struck: carry] have a 50¢ Webster which I refer to for spelling (and do I need it!)—occasionally for word meanings—The definitions are simple, and confined—When dissatisfied I borrow Lt. Rubin's dictionary—a $5 one—of the college level for complete and accurate interpretations—It seems to me that your quarrel with Helen hails down to—She wants the 50 cent definition—Others prefer the $5 definition— So long sweet—Got to go to a special school for orientation officers—Why must they have 'em at night during [strikeout] our spare time—They tell me