9 August 1944 Darling— For once I'm completely "fogged out"—Nothing to write—a little gossip perhaps—Len K. still enjoying his paradise assignment in California—Poor guy has women trouble—Got in too deep with a babe and now's trying desperately to get out—He probably will.—He can grow extremely complicated if you give it half a chance— Read Kings Row - Bellamen[sic]—Found it [strikeout] intensely moving—Ah - the cliché, the cliché—skipping the platitudes—it was always— Now—reading the Republic of Plato I. A. Richards—in basic English—Don't ask me why the hell I'm reading it—Its all your fault——getting steamed up over platonic stuff and nonsense—so I decided to find out why?—About half way through it and am very much enthused about the