6 August 1944 Darling— I have little to report—Officer of the day this gloomy Sunday—Read a little of Charles [strikeout] Lamb's essay—Perhaps you'd be interested in his views on subjects pertinent to ourselves and our recent discussions—Perhaps you've already encountered them but well—pages must be filled— From essay Imperfect Sympathies "I have in abstract no disrespect for Jews. They are a piece of stubborn antiquity compound [strikeout] with which Stonehenge (??) is in its nonage. They date beyond the pyramids. But I should not care to be in habits of familiar intercourse with any of that nation. I confess that I have not the nerves to enter their synagogues. Old prejudices cling to me. I cannot shake off the story of [strikeout] Hugh of Lincoln (??). Centuries of injuries, contempt, and hate on the one side—of cloaked revenge dissimulation and hate on the other between our and their fathers, must and ought to affect the blood of the children. I cannot believe it